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Alex Ross

Alex Ross

Alex Ross is widely considered to be one of the most pre-eminent and well-respected comic book artists in the history of the field. Ross studied at the American Academy of Art, where he was influenced by the work of Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Loomis and J. C. Leyendecker. At the American Academy of Art he developed his ability to draw photo-realistically by eye – something his comic book art is now synonymous with. Praised for his life-like human depictions, Ross is often referred to as the “Norman Rockwell of comics” – bringing the characters he draws to life. This new collection from Alex Ross comprises six pieces that portray two of the most well-loved and well-established superheroes as you’ve never seen them before. Superman and Batman by Ross are at once a fitting tribute to iconic characters that many of us have grown-up with as well as a brand new, refreshing and invigorating take on two men, who happen to be superheroes.