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Bob Goldsborough

Bob Goldsborough

Bob was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England in 1949. He embarked on his professional career as an artist at the age of 19 before later studying Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic in the mid seventies. In the early eighties Bob moved to the Wirral where he has since lived and worked. Apart from one-man shows and participation in various exhibitions, his work is represented nationally and internationally as well as in the corporate sector. He is also well known as an art demonstrator. Bob’s output is particularly diverse, having embraced a wide range of disciplines through the years. This reflects very much Bob’s approach, and his reluctance to limit himself to any narrow or particular way of working. As an artist Bob’s central concern is the creative process, and his work as a consequence does not remain static, but is continually evolving and diversifying, driven by a desire to explore new possibilities and to continually extend his boundaries. You can view Bob's artwork at our Liverpool gallery.

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