Edward Weston - Studio Shot, 1948

Photographer - Laszlo Willinger
Laszlo Willinger was a photographer most noted for his portrait photography of movie stars and celebrities during the 1930s and 1940s. He photographed Marilyn Monroe in 1948 as she was beginning to get work in films. Marilyn was perceived as a girl with potential and consequently her bosses spent money on her appearance, lightening her hair colour, raising her hairline and brightening her teeth. Willinger was widely recognised for presenting stars in poses that were alluring and dignified. His skill with lighting was used both to flatter his subjects and to create and ambience. His studies of Marilyn were different from those done before or after; they were artful impressions, subdued and almost contemplative.

Dimensions : 20in x 16in

Materials : Giclee on Paper

Edition Size : 295

Availability: Available


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