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Neil Dawson

Neil Dawson

It was an extended period of travel that rekindled my loved of art. Being constantly exposed to beautiful, enchanting, strange, evocative, provocative, bewildering environments with the time and mindset to properly appreciate and reflect on them was a defining experience. Whilst travelling, my camera was my artistic outlet as I tried to capture elements of my new, exciting surroundings. It was an extended period of travel that rekindled Neil's love of art. Whilst travelling, his camera was his artistic outlet as he tried to capture elements of his new, exciting surroundings. When Neil got home, he dusted off the palette and paints in an attempt to recapture some of the sights and experiences from his time abroad. He quickly realised how much he had missed creating art and hasn't looked back since. Neil’s subject is the urban environment and he continues to develop work inspired by the colour, vibrancy and energy of the city, which is constantly evolving and in a state of flux.

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