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Philippe Aird

Philippe Aird

British Painter 1961 - 2015 Philippe was based in Manchester where he worked full time as an artist. His artistic talents as a youngster were recognised and encouraged by L.S. Lowry, a family friend, and at the age of 16 he enrolled in Salford’s College of Art. His inventiveness and unstoppable energy won him a scholarship to the Chelsea College of Art & Design, where he was able to experiment with a number of different media, going on to win the Timeout sponsored International Video Festival in 1982. Following many years working as a Fine Art Lecturer at Salford University, Philippe opened a studio in Manchester. Over time he had forged a career as an acclaimed abstract artist collected worldwide. Philippe’s inspiration came from many things; microscopic elements and distant galaxies in space and the landscape around him. His medium is often described as liquid glass, and this is exactly how it appears on the canvas, forming layers of colour and transparency that are bright, bold and captivating. Philippe will be fondly remembered by his family, friends and collectors worldwide.

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