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Temper, aka Arron Bird, is widely recognised as one of the most successful and talented graffiti artists of his generation. As is typical of Temper, cover:versions is an entirely new perspective, a new subject matter and a new concept, but it is unmistakably Temper. cover:versions, is a collection of twelve tributes to album covers, chosen by Temper for their engaging, enticing or emotive covers and those which would lend themselves well to the addition of his iconic B-Boys. These are Temper’s versions of a cover, a tribute to cover art as a genre, acknowledging the influence it has had on him since childhood, when he would spend hours listening to music, gazing at the front of album sleeves which accompanied the tracks; being transported to those fictional place depicted, a place where his imagination could run free. “Album sleeves were like an art gallery to me as a child, by looking at a cover I could escape into a new place or environment; it provided me with a playground for my creativity.” Whilst the addition of the B-Boy characters pay homage to his heritage as an artist; the graffiti-styled figures have evolved into illustration-style works and have grown with Temper over the past thirty-three years, in many ways representing him and his journey from a young graffiti writer looking for an outlet to an accomplished and revered artist.