Corporate Art

Wall To Wall Art Gallery, is a new concept in contemporary commercial art. Specialising in original and limited editions by some of the most collectible artists in the UK, Wall To Wall have a wide selection of artworks from new and emerging talent to renowned international artists.

Corporate Art from Wall to Wall Gallery

Here at Wall To Wall we know that art has the power to help realise the full potential of individuals, organisations and places. The right art can create a motivating and productive office environment and enhance both employee and customer satisfaction.

We offer you the opportunity to own both Hand Signed Limited Edition and Original artwork.  We understand that every company is different and we will work closely alongside you the find the pieces, which will create the perfect atmosphere for your space.

Something for every working environment

We specialize in Abstract, Pop Art, Impressionism and Photo Realism and Naivity, so we have something for everyone!

Contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.