Autumn Collection 2015

12 Sep 2015 11:45:41

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Wall to Wall Gallery, located in the Metquarter, Liverpool, is proud to present this newly curated exhibition of original and hand-signed limited editions from world-famous art forger, John Myatt, who is known and acclaimed for his exquisite imitations of the great Masters.

Sentenced to a year long prison term for his involvement in the forgery of almost two hundred art works, there are few people more aware of the complicated relationship between the original and its copy than artist John Myatt. Playing a central role in one of the most elaborate and sophisticated art crimes in history, Myatt's painstaking copies of works by the likes of Alberto Giacometti and Jean Dubuffet fooled critics and collectors alike.

Join us in the gallery and be one of the first to view this captivating new collection of signed limited editions and original pieces.

Contact the gallery at or 0151 227 4844 to arrange a viewing of this collection with one of our art consultants or to request a digital presentation of the original art we will be exhibiting. 

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery.

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The Brazil Series by Bob Dylan - 15.05.15

Bob Dylan, The Brazil Series

We are delighted to present The Brazil Series by cultural icon Bob Dylan. This important collection helps the viewer understand both Bob Dylan’s roots as an artist, and his vision for how he would like his portfolio to develop.

The Brazil Series is an interesting departure from The Drawn Blank Series, and is a product of Dylan’s bravery as an artist. Never wanting to remain static in a single form of expression, Dylan is constantly experimenting and testing new artistic techniques. Today, Dylan believes that the Drawn Blank Series should not be regarded as representative of his art. He is more interested in directing attention to The Brazil Series; a rich body of work that he feels offers a more accurate reflection of his adventures within pictorial art.

Dylan’s life on the road has dictated a transient nomadic existence for the last fifty years. Truly, citizenship has little resonance for Dylan. He is indigenous to everywhere and nowhere, a member of the global community, a child of the world. In short; no roots, incredible wings.

Yet Brazil captured Dylan’s heart and mind during his many visits there, when he used his free time to gain an understanding and respect for the people and their culture. Dylan recognises that the country has every ingredient necessary for advancement: its population - fifth largest in the world - is relatively young, it has vast natural resources, swathes of available arable land and a growing profile. Moreover, there is no other country that manifests such change, such improvement, with each visit Dylan makes. This evolution, seemingly playing out in front of his eyes, combined with the hope and belief of the people of Brazil, has long intrigued and charmed Dylan in equal measure.

In an overarching sense, The Brazil Series is contextually relevant to understand both Bob Dylan’s roots as an artist, and his vision for how he would like his portfolio to develop. Here we see an artist who looks beyond the prosaic, ever searching for an angle, a point of difference, the unexpected and elusive, to elevate an image from a scene viewed as a passing glance or stolen moment, to an enduring work of art.

Therein lies the skill of Bob Dylan as an artist; he sees beyond the colours, shadows and forms of the world around him, he views the very fibres and grains of every object, person and setting, and is able to translate this perception accordingly to suffuse his art with the texture for which he has become renowned.

The new collection will be available in our galleries and online from Friday 15th May.

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